As children grow, they tend to make more of a mess. Parents have to adjust and learn how to negotiate with the new standard. Children often don’t know how to clean up after themselves, but it’s not their fault. Hiring end of lease cleaners can be expensive, so some parents choose to tackle the cleaning themselves. Here are some tips on how to do end of lease cleaning with children in the house.

1. Schedule some “quiet time” for yourself: If you have young children, it can be difficult to find time to clean. Schedule some “quiet time” each day when your children are occupied so that you can focus on cleaning.

2. Create a cleaning schedule: Write out a plan of what requires to be cleaned and when. This will allow you to stay arranged and on track.

3. Get your children involved: Involve your children in the cleaning process by assigning them simple tasks. This will lead them to accountability and assist them to learn how to keep a clean house.

4. Take breaks: Cleaning can be overwhelming, so make sure to take breaks often. This will assist you to stay refreshed and motivated.

5. Reward yourself: After a long day of cleaning, treat yourself to something unique. This will help you stay positive and look forward to the next cleaning session.

Enlist their help

Most children are more than happy to help out around the house, especially if it means they get to spend some quality time with you. Put them to work dusting, vacuuming, or even washing the floors. Not only will this teach them some valuable life skills, but it will also help to keep their stress levels in check.

Create a cleaning schedule

One of the best ways to keep your children (and yourself) on track when it comes to cleaning is to create a schedule. This can be as simple as assigning specific tasks to each day of the week or setting aside an hour or two each day for general tidy-up time. Having a schedule in place will help to keep everyone on track and make the cleaning process less daunting.

Make it fun

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a duty. It can be quite fun if you make it into a game. Notice who can wipe the most surfaces in five minutes or who can pick up the most toys in one go. You may even want to create a rewards system for tasks that are completed above and beyond the call of duty. Whatever you do, make sure that cleaning is noticed as something optimistic rather than pessimistic.

Lead by example

Children are often keen observers and will quickly pick up on their attitudes and behaviours. If you’re constantly complaining about having to clean the house or are always putting it off until later, they’re likely to do the same. Instead, lead by example and demonstrate to them that cleaning can be a pleasure and enjoyable experience.

Get everyone involved

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a solo activity. It’s often more fun (and more effective) when everyone pitches in. Assign specific tasks to each member of the family and make sure that everyone understands the importance of pitching in. You may even want to have a family cleaning day once a week where everyone works together to get the house spick and span.

Be patient

Cleaning with children can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that they’re still learning. Be patient with them and praise them when they do a good job. With a little time and patience, your children will soon be cleaning like pros.

No matter how messy your house gets, end of lease cleaning Melbourne firm can help get it back into shape so you can get your bond back. While it may be an added expense, it is worth it to have some peace of mind and not have to worry about cleaning up yourself. Hiring the cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne service is the way to go if you want to make sure your house is clean and presentable.


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