Regular cleaning is done within the house for freeing it from dirt and all other types of contaminants. However, there is a distinction between regular and end of lease cleaning. Why the end of tenancy cleaning is done pertains to the reason for getting bond deposits back from your landlord after the tenancy agreement comes to an end. Although, both involve cleaning there is a significant difference between the two. There might be the chance that the tenant faces a dispute with the owner over the end of tenancy money for not performing the clean-up up to their standards.

Here are certain tips and tricks that you can follow during the end of lease cleaning for getting your bond deposits back:

Hire industry expert bond back cleaning company

Always hire technically sound & industry-expert end of lease cleaning professionals. They should know very all the tactics for cleaning various types of items as well as the areas of the property in an appropriate manner. In the regular cleaning job, the cleaners don’t require much technical knowledge and expertise. We can just perform the basic cleaning of the property areas as specified by the customer. However, the end of tenancy cleaning is altogether different. Due to their experiences and expertise, the technicians will be able to inspect the property and work exactly according to the unique cleaning requirements. By delivering flawless cleaning, the tenant will be in a condition to retrieve the end of tenancy money back.

Cleaning checklist

Also, before finalizing the bond back cleaning company, pay attention to all the inclusions as well as the exclusions in their checklist. This is due to the reason that every organization adopts a different end of tenancy cleaning process, and thus, it is a must to ask for the checklist. It is going to provide you with all the information about what all areas are covered by the end of lease cleaning and also helps you in asserting whether the windows (internal and external) & carpet cleaning are included or not.

Flexible work

It is the best idea to choose the house cleaning Melbourne company that offers flexibility in its services. So, in case you are not able to be at home or when the cleaner is not well performing the job, you can always reschedule the service. Also, while choosing the end of lease cleaning Melbourne service, find out whether you need to hire the fixed time cleaners or the one that works on an hourly basis. Although, fixed time cleaners appear to be a tempting option for you you have to find out whether the cleaning task will be compromised as the professional is tempted to clean faster. This can cause a lot of problems to you when you try to get the property reviewed and pass through the inspection. Ask the most appropriate questions from the cleaners and find out how they are going to manage the job for you.

Social distancing

When the end of lease cleaners Melbourne arrive at your place, then greet them from a distance only. Make sure proper social distance is maintained between all the personnel to avoid any sort of mishappening. At the same time, ensure that all the cleaners are putting on protective gear while performing the bond back cleaning.

Clean frequently touched & ignored areas

Ask the end of lease cleaning Melbourne experts to clean and sanitize all the areas that are being frequently touched. This may include the regions like the doorknobs, switches, lighting fixtures, etc. Also, make sure the cleaners attend to all the areas that have been ignored during the regular cleaning.

Contactless payment

The tenant can also make the payment for the end of lease cleaning online for avoiding any sort of personal contact while paying. So, if you want to get the rented accommodation professionally cleaned and free from all the germs, bacteria, and viruses and want your full money back, you can pay the cleaning cost online and hire an expert bond back cleaner.


So, it becomes imminent for the renter to take the help of the professional bond back cleaning Melbourne company for ensuring a hassle-free move from the rented property and getting the complete tenancy deposits back. With the help of professional cleaners, you will be able to make sure that the entire move is stress-free and that the landlord is not able to deny your bond money.


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